Why Choose US?

You will have:

  • A cleaner & healthier home!
  • More free time!
  • A custom cleaning plan!
  • Flexible scheduling!
  • Peace of mind knowing you have hired a legitimate company!


We, the team members of Mom’s Cleaning, LLC. are dedicated to providing quality, dependable cleaning and maintenance services to the Saginaw and surrounding communities. We pledge to always try to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our residential and commercial customers through the process of continuous improvement, and treating others with respect, caring and honesty.


Mom’s Cleaning,  LLC. will be a leader in providing convenient and outstanding cleaning and maintenance services to the residents of the Tri-City areas of Michigan by continuously improving the quality and value of services we provide.

As team members, whether staff or managers, we will be committed to professional and organizational excellence at all times.


Quality Comes First
Customers Are Our Main Focus
Employee Involvement Is Pivotal In Our Success
Continuous Improvement Is Essential To Our Success
Reputation And Integrity Is Never Compromised

Best Regards Mom’s Cleaning.